Zombie Desert
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Time for a little PSP homebrew fun.

With the people mutated by radiation from a UFO you need to kill or be killed.


YouTube – PSP-Hacks Horrorshow 2010 – Zombie Desert New Version

Download: zombiedesert104.zip

A side scrolling 2.5D game by Calvin, Harry and hardhat.
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PSP3D Back in Business? Maybe So!
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As some of you may have noticed, there is more activity on the site now other than spam. jsf and myself, hemiola1 (Formerly known as dq9) are doing our best to keep the spam clean and off the site. If you see spam, fear not because we will be there to clean up on isle 3 as soon as we can. Please note that spam will and is not tolerated on this site. Spambots and yes real people will be banned if you are seen spamming the site.

As for the rest of you, please stop by the forums and say hello. We would love to hear from older returning members and new members as well.
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Happy Holidays from PSP3D!!!
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Happy holidays from everyone here at PSP3D! We hope that what ever holiday you do or do not celebrate is a good and safe one and of course have a very happy, and safe, new year!

Remember kids, drinking may be fun but drinking and driving is not! Once again, be safe this holiday.
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PSP Official Firmware 6.20 Released
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Sony released a new firmware update with some interesting new stuff

The PSP® system software version 6.20 update includes the following:

* http://fp.scea.com/Content/Support/S…icn_extras.png(Extras) has been added as a new category and http://fp.scea.com/Content/Support/S…tal_comics.png(Digital Comics) has been added as an application under that category.


With this application you can enjoy content such as comics and cartoon strips.>See details

Other new or revised features in version 6.20

* The XMB™ (XrossMediaBar) menu has been redesigned.
http://fp.scea.com/Content/Support/S…/icn_photo.gif Photo

* You can now import photo playlists that you created using the Media Go application and enjoy the playlists on your PSP® system. >See details


* You can now import video playlists that you created using the Media Go application and enjoy the playlists on your PSP® system. >See details


Four free comic book codes (yes this is legal)

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adhocParty for PSP Available Soon
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This looks pretty awesome:

“Hi everyone! Great news for all of you Ad Hoc fans out there –adhocParty for the PSP system, which first launched in Japan last year, is coming to North America! AdhocParty is an online service that allows PSP owners with a PS3 system to connect to one another via the PlayStation Network. It will be available as a free download on the PlayStation Store soon.

So, how does adhocParty work? PSP titles with adhoc mode traditionally require you to play within close proximity to each other. AdhocParty takes advantage of the interoperable capabilities of the PSP and PS3 systems. It enables you to play games featuring Ad Hoc mode, such as Gran Turismo and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, over the Internet through the PS3. Your PSP connects to the PS3 via Wi-Fi, allowing you to chat online with fellow gamers in North America before jumping into competition from the comforts of each of your respective living rooms.

In addition to all of its competitive and social gaming features, adhocParty for PSP supports voice chat through the Wireless Headset or PlayStation Eye, offering you a complete and immersive gaming experience only available on the PlayStation platform.


We’ll have more details for you soon. Enjoy!”

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